167: Is Discrimination in LGBTQ+ Housing on the rise? | Part 2

167: Is Discrimination in LGBTQ+ Housing on the rise? | Part 2

By Spirit Studios & Christopher Sweeney

In a week that has seen terrible events unfold in Ukraine we would love to point you to Outright International who are doing brilliant work to to help support the LGBTQ+ people of Ukraine. 


If you can, please donate.

This week on the show we’re talking to a very special LGBTQ+ couple, Luke Whitehouse and Lachlan Mantell who were refused a viewing and a chance to buy a house in London because of their sexuality. The pair have been together for eight years but received a message from the sellers saying “we just want to make it clear that we would be unwilling for two men in a partnership to view or buy our house”. They’ve come on to tell me their side of the story and not wanting to give their money to someone who doesn’t want to give them a home, how this sort of thing probably happens every day but isn’t reported on and feeling “ashamed” of being gay for the first time in years. It’s a shocking story but they’ve been so brave to come out and tell it.

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