E307 Never Sleep With Her On The First Date

E307 Never Sleep With Her On The First Date

By Logan Paul

Impaulsive with Logan Paul

Tuesday, 28 December

In today’s episode, the boys discuss why 2021 aged them significantly, the surprise return of IMPAULSIVE’S previous co-host, modern-day fathers raising a generation of p****es, reading our 1-star Yelp reviews 😡, why Ryan Reynolds > Leonardo DiCaprio, having s*x with your future wife & more…


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0:00 Intro, 1:29 Congrats George!, 3:11 Hilarious 1-Star Yelp Reviews, 15:39 2021 Review, 28:48 Our Dad’s Raising P****es, 44:51 Aliens & Giants, 52:57 Logan Paul Is Not An Addict, 55:16 Ryan Reynolds over Leonardo DiCaprio?, 1:01:27 Mac Is Back!, 1:12:00 Logan’s Return To Vlogging?, 1:20:04 S*x With Your Future Wife, 1:25:50 George Losing His Virginity

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