E306 Jake Paul Is The Next Muhammad Ali

E306 Jake Paul Is The Next Muhammad Ali

By Logan Paul

Impaulsive with Logan Paul

Tuesday, 21 December

STILL undefeated boxer (5-0), Jake Paul, joins the boys to discuss his vicious KO vs Tyron Woodley, his $5,000,000 offer to the next opponent 💰, why Dana White can suck his nuts, a final message to Tommy Fury, convincing Logan to box again, his hatred towards the dairy industry (Dairy Zealots incoming), becoming an NFL superstar 🏈 & more…


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0:00 Intro, 1:04 Jake Paul or Muhammad Ali?, 4:12 Bye George…, 5:50 Tyron Woodley KO Part 1, 10:56 Jake Paul To The NFL, 13:52 Tyron Woodley KO Part 2, 17:51 Next $5,000,000 Opponent, 23:41 Tyron Woodley Breaking News!, 26:09 Women’s Sports, 34:22 Island Boys Aftermath, 41:00 Tommy Fury Fumbles The Bag, 45:29 Logan’s Next Boxing Match, 52:49 Jake HATES Milk, 1:01:34 Pokemon Giveaway, 1:05:12 “You Should See My Drafts”

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