E303 Alec Monopoly Vandalized Our Studio

E303 Alec Monopoly Vandalized Our Studio

By Logan Paul

Impaulsive with Logan Paul

Tuesday, 30 November

World renowned street artist & DJ, Alec Monopoly, joins the boys to discuss how he got his artist name, graffitiing while running from the law, painting exclusive art for Seth Rogen & Robert De Niro 🎨, his extension into the DJ world, being neighbors with Logan in Puerto Rico, NFTs (who would’ve guessed), battling addiction & more…


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0:00 Intro, 0:22 IMPAULSIVE Mural, 2:26 Illegal Graffiti, 8:46 Seth Rogen & Robert De Niro, 15:07 DJ Career, 23:28 Neighbors With Logan, 25:54 Painting Culture, 33:57 "Alec Monopoly” Name, 40:55 Meeting The Prince Of Monaco, 48:28 NFT’s, 1:02:11 Battling Addiction

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