E302 Hooking Up With My Best Friend's Ex

E302 Hooking Up With My Best Friend's Ex

By Logan Paul

Impaulsive with Logan Paul

Tuesday, 23 November

In today’s episode, the boys discuss hooking up with a best friend’s ex, getting locked out of a hotel room naked 🍆, withholding s*x on the first date, cheating in marriage, creative burnout, Logan’s officially lost his mind, George has a new face & more…


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0:00 Intro, 3:25 Logan Is Falling Apart, 7:45 George’s New Face, 10:25 Proud Of Mike,  14:40 Naked Hotel Story, 21:05 Fly-outs, 33:45 YouTuber Struggles, 41:30 Dating Culture, 49:50 No Nut November, 53:00 How To Kiss, 56:00 Sucking Toes, 57:55 Talking To Multiple Girls, 1:07:50 Logan’s Ex, 1:18:00 Cheating In Marriage

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