179 Maisie Adam is NOT a catfish

179 Maisie Adam is NOT a catfish

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 9 March

In this episode, recorded in front of our wonderful Patreons over zoom, Maisie Adam came prepared with a criminal tale from her school days, which will either make you feel really old, or long to play a game of snake ... or both and our Patreons certainly got an eyeful, when Hannah waggled her old brick at them (see below how to join, so you don't miss out on gold such a this!

The team then clock-on for work to solve a crime, which is tragic and illuminating in equal parts, and then, as always, we get to hear from a listener and this time one of the loyal audience members supplied the tawdry tale for the guys to crack and it's safe to say, they had this one in the bag!

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