E124: Phones 4u Founder: The Pain Of Becoming A Billionaire: John Caudwell

E124: Phones 4u Founder: The Pain Of Becoming A Billionaire: John Caudwell

By Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Thursday, 10 March

John Caudwell is one of the richest people in the UK, for many years he has been the UK’s highest-paying taxpayer. Making his money on the back of the mobile phone revolution, he is worth £3 billion.

And he has built his fortune from nothing. Growing up in a sometimes unstable household, John ran his first business while working full time as an apprentice mechanic. His energy and drive sustained him throughout his money-making journey.

But this single-minded determination came at a cost. He sacrified friends and a social life, and has called his experience founding Phones 4u “twenty years of grief”. Perhaps no one has been more open with me about what it took to build their empire, and what it ultimately took from them. 


Your early years  What techniques have helped you become self-aware? Criticism vs recognition with employees  What skills made you great in business?  How does one build resilience  Your hardest moments in business  What was the cost of building businesses? When was the moment you decided to give away your wealth? Your child falling ill What have you learnt about what actually matters? Romantic relationships The last guests question




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