637: Bill von Hippel | Where the Social Leap Lands

637: Bill von Hippel | Where the Social Leap Lands

By Jordan Harbinger

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Tuesday, 15 March

Bill von Hippel (@billvonhippel) is a professor of psychology at the University of Queensland and the author of The Social Leap: The New Evolutionary Science of Who We Are, Where We Come From, and What Makes Us Happy.

What We Discuss with Bill von Hippel: What our eyes tell us about how humans evolved to cooperate with one another. How a psychological phenomenon called the theory of mind makes us aware that mental states of others don't match our own, and why this trait gives human beings a unique advantage in the animal kingdom. Why hunter-gatherer societies are more egalitarian than what we see in modern Western civilization. Why so many of us hate the way we look in photographs. Can animals lie? And much more...

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