E126: Israel Adesanya: Becoming World Champion Was The Lowest Day Of My Life

E126: Israel Adesanya: Becoming World Champion Was The Lowest Day Of My Life

By Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Thursday, 17 March

Israel Adesanya is the reigning UFC Middleweight champion, and one of the meanest fighters in the world right now. But in this conversation Israel gives a glimpse on what really drives fighters on, because Mixed Martial Arts isn’t just a physical contest, it’s a mental one too.

Moving from Nigeria to New Zealand when he was still a child and different from other children in his class, fighting was Israel’s path out of bullying, seclusion, and low self-confidence. But winning alone hasn’t brought Israel happiness, in this episode you’ll find out what it’s REALLY like to be UFC World Champion.

He’s so much more than that kid with a dream now. An international phenomenon, Israel brings us the exclusive on his path to the top like he’s never told it before.


Your early years Impostor syndrome Your great depression Do you worry about what happens after all this is over? How have you dealt with fame Social media mob mentality Bening cancelled How do you balance personal life and work? Keeping the right people around you What drives you now? Are you happy? The last guests question




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