E127: Jaackmaate: The Untold Story Of My Battle With Health Anxiety & OCD

E127: Jaackmaate: The Untold Story Of My Battle With Health Anxiety & OCD

By Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Monday, 21 March

Jaackmate is the host of the popular Happy Hour podcast and a youtuber with over one million subscribers. From humble beginnings in Norwich to one of the largest internet personalties working in Britain today, Jack has had a hell of a ride.

But more thought goes into Jack’s comedy and its targets than you might think. Because Jack doesn’t just mock anyone, but is always interrogating himself as to whether he’s mocking the right targets, and whether there’s a sufficient ‘why?’ to everything he does.

His ride to the top hasn’t been easy either, and Jack has had to overcome challenges he never expected along the way. From anxiety to dealing with criticism, Jack gives us the truth about inventing, and then reinventing, yourself on the internet.


Your early years Your fake Youtube persona Your YouTube journey and losing motivation Does money buy happiness Imposter syndrome Why stopped posting on Youtube Have you ever thought about the person on the other side of your criticism? Happy Hour Podcast Health Anxiety Your partner Whats the reason you’re sitting here today? The last guests question




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