640: Peter Zeihan | Why the World Should Care About Ukraine

640: Peter Zeihan | Why the World Should Care About Ukraine

By Jordan Harbinger

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Tuesday, 22 March

Peter Zeihan (@PeterZeihan) is a geopolitical strategist and author of The Absent Superpower, The Accidental Superpower, Disunited Nations, and the upcoming The End of the World is Just the Beginning: Mapping the Collapse of Globalization.

What We Discuss with Peter Zeihan: How did the Russian invasion of Ukraine become a "now or never" scenario for Putin? Even if Russia "wins" this conflict by sheer numbers, how difficult will it be to maintain control of Ukraine -- and what can we expect Putin's next move to be? What the US and its NATO allies are doing to keep the desperation of a nuclear confrontation at bay. Why Peter believes Putin's ruthless pruning of threats to his personal power -- leaving no competent next-generation successors -- will ensure he's the last president of the Russian Federation as we know it. Are China's designs on Taiwan likely to be deterred by the difficulty faced by Russia's forces in Ukraine? And much more...

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