Episode 49: Waiting Room Loach

Episode 49: Waiting Room Loach

By Jarod K. Anderson

Hidden lore poetry by Mia Cong. Mia is an aspiring chef, occasional poet, and current scribe working under the handle theshitpostcalligrapher across all platforms. Still looking through the urban wilds of Toronto Canada for a kitchen to call home, you can find her writings and love of the deep ocean and decay at genericpoetryblog on tumblr.  

Special thanks to Guy Montgomery for voicing this episode’s field report. Guy does stand up comedy and you can watch him do his new show “Guy Montgomery By Name, Guy Montgomery By Nature” this month at the Melbourne Comedy Festival or in May at the Sydney Comedy Festival. If you aren’t going to be in Australia for those shows, check him out on Twitter @guy_mont or on the podcast The Worst Idea of All Time, a show that started with two friends watching and reviewing the movie Grown-Ups 2 every week for a year and, if anything, has gotten stranger since then. Guy is a delight. Look him up. His website: guymontgomery.co.nz


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