641: How to Quit Your Job the Right Way | Deep Dive

641: How to Quit Your Job the Right Way | Deep Dive

By Jordan Harbinger

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Thursday, 24 March

Jordan (@JordanHarbinger) and Gabe (@GabeMizrahi) have helped a lot of people optimize their chances at landing dream jobs, but this is only half of the equation. It's also important to consider the way you end things with your soon-to-be ex-employer so you don't needlessly burn bridges you've built along the way. Don't be that person! Here's a deep dive into how to quit your job the right way.

What We Discuss: The important questions to ask before making the commitment to quit your job. How to break the news to your employer in the right order. How to set your team up for success long after you've made your exit. Why you should take the time to craft a great goodbye email to your peers, and what you might say. How to make quitting a transition to a new phase of your relationship with former employers and colleagues rather than a final farewell -- and why you should stay close and connected long past the time you've collected your last paycheck. And much more...

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