Making Change with the TRIBE Freedom Foundation

Making Change with the TRIBE Freedom Foundation

By Adrienne Herbert

Power Hour

Tuesday, 29 March

Today Adrienne talks to the team from TRIBE.

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The TRIBE Freedom Foundation is a charity established by the three Co-Founders of TRIBE in 2017 on behalf of the TRIBE community to raise funds to fight modern slavery and end human trafficking.

TRIBE Freedom Foundation was inspired by Run for Love; an epic 1,000 mile journey, completed by co-founders Tom, Rob & Guy in 2013. Over 250 runners joined them along the road from Odessa to Dubrovnik to fight human trafficking and raise funds to set up the first UK home for trafficked children.

Since Run for Love, they have continued to work towards their mission, inspiring thousands of everyday athletes and adventurers to push their own limits to help increase awareness of modern slavery and end human trafficking, empowering communities to create an impact.

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