Learning To Talk with Gareth Palmer

Learning To Talk with Gareth Palmer

By Scott Thomas

“There’s nothing on this day I can’t handle and yet my mind tells me otherwise - why?”  

Gareth Palmer is Scott Thomas’ therapist and has answers for questions like this. When Scott realised his partying was a form of self sabotage at the weekends, he decided to talk to someone about it. 

Gareth’s work as the founder of “Men Should Talk '' has given him a special stand point on the way that people respond to their emotions, particularly men. You will hear how he helps men and women confront their emotions, spend time on their own, and manage their addiction to distraction. 

If you’ve ever felt a bit lost, or stuck in a cycle, this episode will help you to understand your next steps. And you will hear how speaking to someone like Gareth can help you Learn As You Go. 

Find out more about Gareth Palmer here: https://menshouldtalk.com/

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