184 DWSC LIVE: With Gráinne Maguire

184 DWSC LIVE: With Gráinne Maguire

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 6 April

Recorded at their London residency in February 2022, the whole team is back together, and joining them is not only a room packed to the rafters of fellow drunk detectives but also returned to the force, comedian, and right-wing political pundit** Gráinne Maguire!

** This might be a lie (it definitely IS a lie)

Gráinne is back to treat us to another crime story from her life, this time it looks as though she may also be the perpetrator, due to inaction rather than malicious intent.

The team then crack into a case that would have even Miss Marple and Poirot scratching their heads for answers.

We then hear from a member of the audience whose Roman holiday had her returning to the UK with a suspect list that reads like the beginning of a joke.

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