TIME: How to use it

TIME: How to use it

By Rebecca Seal

Oliver Burkeman is a journalist and author of the brilliant Four Thousand Weeks: Time And How To Use It. (Four thousand weeks is the average length of a human lifetime, which is an arresting way to express it.) Oliver spent 12 years working as a columnist at the Guardian - he wrote 'This Column Will Change Your Life' - writing initially about self help and personal development but later broadening out into the philosophy of what it means to be a modern human. Four Thousand Weeks is a time management book of a very different sort - it's not about maximising output, scheduling, hacks or hyper productivity. In fact, it's more about relinquishing the idea that we can and should control and maximise our time, which is what Oliver and Rebecca are talking about here, too. His approach is incredibly enlightening and very helpful for solo workers who so often spend their time grappling with how to manage it.

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