9: Fred and Rose West, the killer couple that shocked the world

9: Fred and Rose West, the killer couple that shocked the world

By Audioboom Studios

Devils in the Dark

Monday, 11 April

After deep diving into Dorothea Puente’s cookery book from last week’s episode, Helen Anderson and Danni Howard explore the horrific world of the most infamous killer couple in history, Fred and Rose West. Meeting in a perfect storm, twisted Fred and Rose West would go on to murder at least 12 girls and women, two of whom were their own daughters. Expect grim discoveries, anger over missing women, and a seriously sinister and sick family ‘in’ joke. 

Devils in The Dark contains graphic details of sexual assault and violence, including details about violence about children, and is not intended for all audiences. Listener discretion is strongly advised.  
00:00 - Introduction 00:33 - Helen and Danni review Dorothea Puente’s ‘Cooking with a Serial Killer’ 09:37 - Where Fred and Rose West’s story begins 15:35 - The disappearance of Heather West 18:30 - The Wests get a visit from the police 20:20 - Fred West is arrested  23:05 - The discovery of Alison Chambers 27:23 - The disappearances of Lucy Partington and Lynda Gough 31:25 - The case of Caroline Roberts 35:35 - Pathologists make a grim discovery 37:38 - The murder of Rena West and Anne McFall
38:35 - The discovery of Juanita Mott and Carole Cooper 42:13 - The murder of Charmaine West 44:28 - Fred West commits suicide 
46:34 - Forensic odontology brings new evidence to the case 49:05 - The trial of Rose West 53:17 - Outro

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