E133: Karren Brady: How To Win At Entrepreneurship & Love (at the same time)

E133: Karren Brady: How To Win At Entrepreneurship & Love (at the same time)

By Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Monday, 11 April

Karren Brady is a businesswoman, Vice Chairman of West Ham, a mainstay on BBC One’s The Apprentice for many years, and at the age of 23 became the youngest person to run a publicly traded company when she was put in charge of Birmingham City Football Club.

Not only was she the youngest person running a football club, but she was also one of the first women to be leaders in the industry. It is hard to imagine not only being one of the youngest people at the club you’re running, but one of the only women too.

What has underlined these advances is incredible energy, dedication and drive. For Karren, breaking glass ceilings and being a first to do things is reachable for everyone, it just means working twice as hard as everyone else.

Early years How independence led me to success What made you stand out? What was the skill that made you stand out? My first big deal What was different about you? Importance of being candid in business Democracy within your business Running West Ham United F.C Do emotions compromise your decisions Should clubs be more transparent? Work and life balance Sexism in football and the workplace Your relationships Is there a need to maintain desire? Have you experienced anxiety? Feminism & your milestones What's your advice to young women





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