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227: From Grief to Greggs with George Egg

227: From Grief to Greggs with George Egg

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

Our guest for this episode is the hilarious comedian and cook George Egg, aka the Snack Hacker! What this man has to say about pimping Pot Noodles, Greggs pasties and Fray Bentos pies will blow your mind. 

We hear about how he got started in performing, and ended up making scrambled eggs in a cement mixer. George shares his most popular Snack Hacker recipe - you'll never look at a naan bread in the same way.

Then it's time for some serious chat, as George talks about losing his parents very close to each other. He tells us what he wishes he'd done differently before they died, and what has helped him to deal with the grief. It's funnier than it sounds. 

And of course, we end with some hilarious Scummy Mummies Confessions, involving baby excrement, STI tests, and pass the parcel. 

For more from George, go to, and follow him on Instagram @georgeegg.

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