Justice Has Been Served w/ Scheana Shay

Justice Has Been Served w/ Scheana Shay

By Dear Media, Amanda Hirsch

Not Skinny But Not Fat

Tuesday, 26 May

Since binging Vanderpump Rules from Ep 1, Season 1, I didn’t understand what the hell everyone wants from Scheana. Why does she get hate? Why is she edited poorly? Why the constant montages of her in a negative light? (from saying Rob 5,000 times, being called boy crazy, crying all the time, calling everyone her “best friend…”) But this season was EXTREME – from choppy manipulative editing, to making her seem DESPO for not one but two new cast members (and a-holes). It’s not ok! Hence the #JusticeForScheana hashtag! Scheana joins me today and tells me everything she thinks/feels about Max, Brett, Dayna, the editor, her current relationship (yas she has a BF!), and how she feels about being one of the only OG’s still waiting tables at SUR, hanging with newbies, and not having a lot of her personal life showcased on the show. 

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