Learning From Your Biggest Mistake with Commando Charlie

Learning From Your Biggest Mistake with Commando Charlie

By Scott Thomas

“Just ask yourself, how can I grow from what I've learned in that mistake, in that moment?”

Scott Thomas talks to Commando Charlie; ex-marine, ex-convict and now fitness coach at food4thoughts; about his exhilarating life story. They discuss the importance of taking the mistakes we all make, and transforming them into moments of motivation for our own personal growth and development. 

Hear about Charlie’s hedonistic past and how his time in prison helped him to reconsider his outlook on life, always chasing the high points and looking for dangerous situations. Now he has developed healthier self-talk helping him to live a more balanced lifestyle and spend his time coaching others who seek ways to improve their own lives. 

An inspirational discussion about the way we talk to ourselves and how it can help us to make better decisions and overcome mistakes we have made. 

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