E134: The Single Biggest Killer Of Relationships: Lewis Howes

E134: The Single Biggest Killer Of Relationships: Lewis Howes

By Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Thursday, 14 April

Lewis is the host of The School of Greatness podcast and the author of The Mask of Masculinity. An icon of American self-development, Lewis’ podcast has been downloaded hundreds of millions of times, and helped hundreds of millions of people.

But the first person Lewis had to help is himself. Someone who always ran towards things that made him feel safe, whether that be towards working out, towards the need to get girls to like him, or away from his trauma.

But an outside injury, and a reckoning with his inside trauma, meant Lewis had to start from zero. What strikes me about Lewis is someone who’s come so far after his life was turned upside down. When his world was spinning around, Lewis saw the way forwards.


Healing my childhood trauma What were the dynamics with your parents? What was the impact of your dad’s accident on you? Importance of communicating with your parents Learning the art of emotional regulation / Allowing myself to be vulnerable changed my life Why I didn’t compromise my core values (and being honest in your relationships) The power of honesty in relationships Knowing your values and vision Balancing work and relationships Biggest killer of relationships Overcoming my fear of public speaking How do I find meaning and happiness? Why does helping people matter to you? Our last guest's question




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