What happens if Finland and Sweden join Nato?

What happens if Finland and Sweden join Nato?

By The New Statesman

Finland and Sweden are poised to make a historic decision as the countries consider joining Nato. Polls have shown a surge in support for the move following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Emily Tamkin in Washington, DC and Megan Gibson in London discuss this extraordinary move and its possible consequences as Sweden’s elections approach, as well as the Ukrainian response. 

Meanwhile, Marine Le Pen will go head to head with President Emmanuel Macron in the French presidential election run-off in a fortnight. Emily and Megan discuss what a potential win for Le Pen would mean for France’s support of Nato and the European Union.

Then, in You Ask Us, a listener asks: Finland has quite an open road-border linking it to St Petersburg; what would be the impact if that border became a Nato defence against invasion by Russia?

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