The Dayton Strangler

The Dayton Strangler

By Unresolved Productions

"The further the investigation is conducted the deeper the mystery becomes..."

Almost exactly two years after the attacks in Cumminsville, Ohio came to an end, a nearly-identical fiend began assaulting and murdering women approximately fifty miles north, in Dayton.

First came the murder of Dona Gilman in November of 1906, followed by the murders of Anna Markowitz and her boyfriend Abe Cohan approximately nine months later. Two more women would meet their fate in January of 1909 - Mary Forschner and Elizabeth Fulhart - before the offender's crimes came to a mysterious end...

The map of the locations described in this episode can be viewed at the following Google Earth link. Please request permission if you have knowledge of this case and would like to add or change anything - we'd appreciate the help:

Episode researched & written by Troy Larson

Episode hosted & produced by Micheal Whelan

Original music created by Micheal Whelan through Amper Music

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