Now That's What I Call Parenting Hell - Volume 2

Now That's What I Call Parenting Hell - Volume 2

By Keep It Light Media

Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe's Parenting Hell

Tuesday, 19 April

'Now That's What I Call Parenting Hell - Volume 2'

While we're on a very short record break over Easter here's a hand crafted selection of the finest tales and advice from the Parenting Hell podcast archives. Each one a guaranteed banger...


1. Chris Ramsey tells us the tale of how his son Robin lost his front teeth in an accident (Series 1 Episode 19)
2. Rosie Ramsey gives us her side of that very same story. They might not completely align!
(Series 1 Episode 23)
3. Russell Kane shares how he got his daughters sleep pattern working VERY early in the scheme of things (Series 1 Episode 21)
4. Jen Brister regales us with some of the perils of being one of two mums to twin 5 year old boys (Series 1 Episode 31)
5. Dara O' Briain laments a few parenting woes and techniques he picked up from his parents, for better or worse... (Series 1 Episode 27)
6. Isy Suttie shares and partner Elis James' bedtime / morning schedule. At least one of them deserves a medal... (Series 1 Episode 10)
7. And Elis gets his side of the same arrangement across to the guys. And they all grieve for the loss of the weekend as parents... (Series 1 Episode 33)

See you on Friday for another compilation show and we're back next week for service as normal (including an epic Disney / Florida catch-up from Rob) Enjoy!

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