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Input and Output

Input and Output

By Festival of the Spoken Nerd

In this episode, Steve explains how computers talk to each other behind our backs, Helen co-writes a song with a popular internet search engine (if you can’t work out which one, Google it) and Matt brings an Oscar-winning algorithm to the table:

- Steve's bit (00:56)

- Matt's bit (16:18)

- Helen's bit (36:24)


Unfortunately our show notes are too big for Acast's margins to contain... Head to the episode page to see them. If you're looking for the API that Steve and Matt mentioned, try

Corrections and clarifications:

- MikoKisai (and many others since he first noticed it...) has kindly pointed out that at various points, Steve gets his acronyms wrong: API is short for application programming interface, not application protocol interface. Cheers Miko!

- Steve Howe also pointed out an error from Helen: A major and F# minor are the "same" key, not A major and C# minor as she said.

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