No episode this week, here's why...

No episode this week, here's why...

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 20 April

Normally today we would be putting out another cracking DWSC episode; unfortunately this week we will not be releasing an episode. 

This is because our dear producer Amanda came home this weekend to discover her flat had been burgled (I know, life imitating art, right?) Along with the devastation and sense of violation that brings, the intruder stole her laptop and all of her's jewellery, including this peacock brooch (pictured). 

It is a precious family heirloom, which Amanda's Great Grandfather had made for his wife, out of gems which a wartime evacuee they were housing gave as a thank-you gift to them (the evacuee's family owned a jewellery business). 

We are posting it here as a long-shot that anyone might spot this piece out in the world - on eBay, in a pawn shop in London, on Facebook marketplace - wherever. It is truly one of a kind and irreplaceable and would mean the world to our Amanda if it was some how, some way, returned to her. 

The good news is that we're a tight-knit female workplace and we will help Amanda regroup and will be back in action by next week!


Lotsa love,


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