E137: Piers Morgan: Dealing With Repeat Failure, Death Threats & Regrets

E137: Piers Morgan: Dealing With Repeat Failure, Death Threats & Regrets

By Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Monday, 25 April

Piers Morgan is a journalist and television host who hasn't stayed out of the headlines since being made the youngest newspaper editor in Britain when he took over the News of the World at the age of 28, almost 30 years ago. Over the years he has attracted controversy for his disputed tactics in breaking news stories and television interviews. He is also the author of several best-selling memoirs.

His long affinity for journalism has seen him leaving and starting new roles across ITV, CNN and NBC. Some of the shows include Piers Morgan Life Stories, Good Morning Britain, Britain’s Got Talent, and his newest - Piers Morgan Uncensored, beginning April 24 on the new TalkTv. In this conversation we touch subjects of mental resilience, cancel-culture, mental health and veganism.

You may not like it, it may not be comfortable to listen to, but this interview was an important debate which made me think about many of the things we spoke about. Piers believes his voice of common sense, acts as a vital counter-narrative to have in society and encourages us to build resilience, stimulate debate and stop over labelling things.


What made you the person we see today? Mental resilience vs mental health How did you get ahead so quickly in your career? Marketing yourself using controversy How have you dealt with your ups and downs? What would it take for you and Meghan Markle to make up? The effect your media appearance has on your children When does Piers Morgan cry? Piers Morgan Uncensored The last guest's question




Piers Morgan Uncensored:


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