Gary Ridgway | The Green River Killer - Part 9

Gary Ridgway | The Green River Killer - Part 9

By Thomas Rosseland Wiborg-Thune

In the early spring of 2003, the police finally got another break on the evidence. Tests of materials taken from two other victims—Debbie Estes, “Muffin” to her family, and Wendy Coffield, the first victim found in the Green River in July of 1982—showed faint traces of a particular kind of paint globule otherwise found only at the Kenworth plant. Based on the Estes and Coffield evidence, the authorities decided to add victim Dub Bonner to the list of charged murders as well, bringing the total to seven. But beyond that, there simply wasn’t enough evidence to link Gary Ridgway to all the remaining Green River murders.

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