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47. Stop Damaging Our Daughters

47. Stop Damaging Our Daughters

By Black Mums Upfront

Trigger Warning.

This episode we discuss the horrific case of :-

Child Q, a fifteen year old girl who was unjustly stripped searched by Metropolitan police officers after teachers accused her of smelling of cannabis.

Child Q – who was having her period at the time – was made to remove her clothing, underwear and a sanitary pad, spread her buttocks and cough.

Child Q is Black.

This week we delve into why Black girls are not afforded the same innocence as their white counterparts. Are schools doing enough? Should we be warning young girls about the police? And how can we protect our daughters? Join Carina, Natalie and Endy as we share our own experiences and ask what we can learn from this gross misconduct. 🚫


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