E138: Terry Crews: How My Porn Addiction Nearly Ended My Marriage

E138: Terry Crews: How My Porn Addiction Nearly Ended My Marriage

By Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Thursday, 28 April

Terry Crews is a NFL player turned film and TV star, featuring in a wide range of hugely successful shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, White Chicks, Everybody Hates Chris and Idiocracy. Escaping his abusive father, and spending decades cultivating his bodybuilder physique and mentality, Terry then broke into the Hollywood scene.

This episode is the Terry Crews we have never seen before. We talk about some extremely deep, raw material and explore his deeply personal story of his childhood which led him into an addiction to appearing outwardly tough. His journey to where he is now is inspiring and the way he speaks about it is so humbling.

Certain areas of his life that became out of control such as violence, sex, relationships, racism, shame, made him learn how to seek control of himself and his environment. His latest book, Tough: My Journey to True Power, is a moving autobiography where Terry faces these insecurities and distressing memories.


What made you the person you are today? Domestic violence in your family Where did your dad's pain come from ? My pornography addiction How did porn impact your marriage? Cheating on my wife Opening up to my wife and its consequences Why do men avoid intimacy and vulnerability ? What was your lowest moment ? Your dad being aggressive in front of your children How and why did you change? How would your life be if you wouldn't have changed ? I was sexually assaulted by a Hollywood executive How my dark and bright side came from the same place Our last guest's question

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