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Trauma Informed Workplaces w/ Katharine Manning

Trauma Informed Workplaces w/ Katharine Manning

By The Diversity Gap

In this conversation, Bethaney Wilkinson talks to attorney, author, and guide, Katharine Manning about what it takes to create a trauma informed workspace. Katharine shares a 5-point method to equip leaders with the skills they need to listen well when their employees and team members express difficult experiences and circumstances at work. In this winding and thoughtful conversation, Bethaney and Katharine get to the heart of creating a workplace culture where all people feel valued in their humanity. 

As a Senior Attorney Advisor with the Executive Office for United States Attorneys, for fifteen years Katharine guided the Justice Department through its response to victims in cases ranging from terrorism to large-scale financial fraud to child exploitation. She now uses her expertise to help organizations prepare for and respond to the challenges they face involving employees and clients who may be in trauma.

Insight: Trauma is showing up in your workplace regardless of your readiness to receive it. 

Action: Begin taking steps to become a trauma informed organization by providing culturally specific resources.  

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