Ep 27: Can you Hide a hickey?!

Ep 27: Can you Hide a hickey?!

By JamPot Productions

Hey guys,

A very exciting episode this week - we’re bringing you this ep from the actual studio...we feel like proper podcasters now!

Also this week we’re dishing out our favourite ideas for chic winter looks - is jeans and a nice top still a thing? Plus some dilemmas that were a little bit saucy - we won’t spoil it for you, just have a listen!!

This week’s choice of non alcoholic wine is Oddbird's Domaine de la Prade Merlot Shiraz: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Domaine-Organic-Merlot-Shiraz-alcohol/dp/B079RLSL38

We rate this wine:

Sophie: 5

Melissa: 5

See you soon gang,

S & M x

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