Ep 19:Having sex on the beach!?

Ep 19:Having sex on the beach!?

By JamPot Productions

This week we're sipping on three wines -yep ladies and gents, three...it’s a bit wild this Wednesday! We're reading your follow ups and dilemmas as per, from our thoughts on starting uni in a relationship to a case of mistaken identity (oops!) and we give you guys our recommendations for our fave shops to buy a night out dress! Golly this episode was an interesting one…Until next week,S & M x This week we drank:A Stowells Pinot!


Melissa’s rating -3

Sophie’s rating - 5

Gran Cerdo Blanco


Melissa’s rating - 3

Sophie’s rating - 3

Washed down with a little bit of Lady A Rosé


Melissa’s rating - 6.5

Sophie’s rating - 6.5

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