Episode 121 | A Convo about King's Day and The Motherland

Episode 121 | A Convo about King's Day and The Motherland

By Out Of Home Podcast

The Out of Home Podcast

Thursday, 28 April

In this week’s episode, Yaf is welcomed back in the fold and shares about his refreshing break in Ghana. Kieran briefly dials in from Barcelona, due to travel exploits, makeshift equipment was used to record this one, hence the late upload! The group speak on fond King’s Day Memories (a public holiday in The Netherlands to celebrate the King’s birthday), Kwame reveals his first impression on meeting Steven and one of the homies has to spend time in the Jailhouse, for an audio faux pas the week before. Yaf devises a quiz to the Western African alliance, where finally they seem to reach common ground.

- Weekly What Made You Smile segment sharing the positive vibes of the week just gone and Kieran dials in (4:05)

- Brief pause in the flow as the guilty member is told why they have been thrown into OOH jail! (06:47)

- The lads go down memory lane and revisit their finest King’s day memories (21:02)

- Yaf asks Steven and Kwame where they sit regarding certain topics about the development of the Motherland in particular, Western African (30:42)

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