The I-70 Killer

The I-70 Killer

By Unresolved Productions

"I think we are definitely dealing with a serial killer. He's not really getting much money out of the shops. We don't know why he's killing people."

Between April and May of 1992, a series of shooting deaths took place in Midwest shops, located intermittently along Interstate 70. Four of the victims - Robin Fuldauer, Patricia Smith, Nancy Kitzmiller, and Sarah Blessing - were young brunettes. The other two - Patricia Magers and Michael "Mick" McCown - appeared to be outliers.

For years, investigators have struggled to determine why the offender committed these crimes, with robbery and sexual assault not believed to be motives. And while the offender hasn't yet been caught, he has been linked to other crimes committed in Texas and Indiana, including a 2001 murder in which the offender was caught on surveillance footage...

To view the surveillance footage of the offender from the 2001 murder of Billy Brossman in Terra Haute, Indiana, please view and share the clip from KMOV St. Louis linked below:

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