E139: Jessie J: I Quit Music, Deleted An Album, Then Changed My Mind

E139: Jessie J: I Quit Music, Deleted An Album, Then Changed My Mind

By Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Monday, 2 May

Jessie J is a singer and songwriter who has been singing professionally since she was 11 years old. In 2010 she shot to fame with the release of her first single, Do It Like A Dude. She has since sold millions of records, performed at the closing ceremony of the London Olympics, and been a judge on the talent shows The Voice and The Voice Kids.

This episode with Jessie is a special conversation. She was candid and open about the highs and lows throughout her life, and shared with me some things that she has never voiced before. From her early childhood memories, to the fame and success of her music, to health issues and grief, Jessie spoke with such honesty and tenderness.

But she also talks about how she has enabled herself to break open and embrace the grief that she has stored up and hidden away. Jessie is someone who has always come out fighting, and here she goes into how that’s been possible in a way she never has before. We learn about how to stay grounded as you become famous, especially in the dizzying swirl of Los Angeles. I want to thank Jessie for her honesty and for taking the time to record this episode with me, it will certainly change how you think about a lot of things in life.


My childhood and health problems Growth in moments of sadness and pain Finding out about your fertility problems Dealing with everything hitting you at once What would you say to your old self? Not knowing who I was Were record labels defining who you were? Finding the right team for you Why did you disappear? How did the pandemic impact you? Jamal Edwards passing  Your miscarriage Your bodyguard’s passing Do you let people in? Love and relationships What’s your next chapter? Our last guest's question

Jessie J:



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