Hawkeye, Game Awards, and A Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hawkeye, Game Awards, and A Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, 26 November

Hawkeye fans get a double bullseye this week!!! Ryan and Lorraine chat about the Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye premiere on Disney+ AND we get a behind-the-scenes interview about the Marvel’s Wastelanders: Hawkeye fiction podcast!

Then, is “I am Groot” really enough to be a whole language? The hosts chat with a linguist to find out, learning along the way what goes into creating fictional languages like Krakoan and so many others. Plus, they congratulate the Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy team on their Game Awards nominations and chat about some great upcoming comics.


News – 1:32

Interview w/ Jessie Sams – 6:25

Interview w/ Jess Barbagallo  – 21:00

Community – 38:10


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