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Marvel's Behind the Mask & Wrestler Johnny Gargano!

Marvel's Behind the Mask & Wrestler Johnny Gargano!

By Marvel & SiriusXM

New shows coming to Disney+! Yes, you read that right. Shows. Plural. Between a television deal with Ryan Coogler’s Proximity Media, a trailer for Marvel’s Behind The Mask, new Marvel Studios' WandaVision merch, and so much more that there isn’t enough room to type it all, this is an absolutely jam-packed episode. Luckily, Ryan, Lorraine, and James are on the job to make sense of all the excitement!

Then, join Ryan and James for a conversation with Johnny Gargano, wrestling superstar and proud collector of Spider-Man: The Animated Series action figures, about the ways he’s combined his fandom with his career.

News - 2:13

Interview - 19:44

Community - 51:31

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