#450 - Elevating Black Voices in Comics

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#450 - Elevating Black Voices in Comics

Friday, 12 June

Today Ryan and Lorraine are joined by Marvel’s Voices host Angeliqué Roché. The Marvel’s Voices podcast tells the stories behind Marvel storytellers and Angeliqué came on to continue to elevate Black voices within our community. We share clips from previous seasons’ interview with Jesse J Holland, author of the novel Black Panther: Who is the Black Panther?, TV and YouTube personality Franchesca Ramsey, Marvel comics writer Vita Ayala, and Jason Reynolds, who wrote Miles Morales: Spider-Man.

Not only can you listen to past Marvel’s Voices episodes right now, but you can also read the eponymous comic book for FREE on Marvel Unlimited.

Time Codes:

2:18 – Jesse J Holland

12:30 – Franchesca Ramsey

19:16 – Vita Ayala

26:55 – Jason Reynolds

38:35 – Free MU Books

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