#432 - Assembling the Alternate Universe Avengers!

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#432 - Assembling the Alternate Universe Avengers!

Friday, 7 February

We all know The Avengers... or do we? Ryan and Lorraine talk about all the different worlds where the Avengers take many different forms, from undead, to all-female permutations and more! Meanwhile in our current reality, another incredible team is at work on Netflix: The Astronomy Club sketch comedy group! Monique Moses and Jerah Milligan join Lorraine to tell all about how their show came together, and what it’s like to work with a team of super-powered comedians.

1:47 - News

4:19 - Pull List Picks

6:08 - Big Talk: Alternate Universe Avengers!

22:15 - Interview with Monique and Jerah

47:34 - Tom Brevoort on THE END

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