#428 - The Multiverse Explained

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#428 - The Multiverse Explained

Friday, 10 January

Comics can be complicated, and multidimensional theory is arguably even more confusing, so the existence of multiple Marvel universes might seem incomprehensible at times. That’s why Ryan (Earth-1218) and Lorraine (Earth-1218) are here to de-mystify the role of alternate universes in comics, and explain how they are used to tell some of our best stories!

Later, Ryan and Lorraine dish with comedian, writer, actor, and musician Eliza Skinner about their favorite music, and rave about her incredible collection of Marvel merchandise!

0:58 - News

8:42 - Top Books From Marvel’s Pull List

9:25 - Big Talk: The Multiverse

25:22 - Interview with Eliza Skinner

47:47- Community

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