#425 - TWIM Visits Lucasfilm

This Week in Marvel

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#425 - TWIM Visits Lucasfilm

Friday, 20 December

It’s out! Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has finally hit theaters, so we’re asking a big question: what exactly makes a Star Wars story, Star Wars?

Ryan, Lorraine, and Pull-List co-host Tucker muse about the impact Star Wars has had on their lives, and share some of their favorite Star Wars memories as they reflect on the ending of a saga spanning nearly half a century.

Then Ryan and Tucker Markus dig deep in a conversation with writer Matthew Rosenberg and Lucasfilm creative executive Matt Martin about crafting stories in the Star Wars universe across different media.

R2, lightspeed to Endor!

1:14 – News

5:40 - This Week In Marvel History

11:19 - Top Books From Marvel’s Pull List

12:18 - Big Talk: An Evening with Tucker Markus: A Star Wars Story™

17:38 - Interview with Matt Martin and Matt Rosenberg

52:33 - Community

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