Live And Kicking Part 1

Live And Kicking Part 1

By Festival of the Spoken Nerd

Helen, Matt and Steve introduce the best bits of their recent live shows, performed at London’s Bloomsbury Theatre. With nerdy guest performers Dr Rohin Francis aka Medlife Crisis discussing why the human body isn’t really fit for purpose, and comedian Rosie Wilby on whether monogamy is truly dead. Plus the Nerds share their own unnecessary details on stage, with Matt throwing the rule book at Swiss Trains, Helen singing numbers in rhyming order, and Steve breaking into his own car:

- Steve's bit (01:33)

- Rohin's bit (14:40)

- Matt's bit (23:45)

- Rosie's bit (39:05)

- Helen's bit (47:58)


Unfortunately our show notes are too big for Acast's margins to contain... head to the episode page to see everything.

Corrections and clarifications:

- Sorry to everyone who accidentally got an advert in the middle of Helen's song... we put the ad marker in the wrong place. Totally our fault! We won't do it again.

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