The Long Island Serial Killer (Update)

The Long Island Serial Killer (Update)

By Unresolved Productions

There has been an update in the story of Shannan Gilbert, the woman whose disappearance led to the discovery of the Long Island Serial Killer victims (episodes #14-16 from 2016). Authorities in Suffolk County have finally released the audio from Shannan's 911 call(s) on the night of her disappearance, which they have fought tooth-and-nail against releasing for the better part of a decade, fearing that it would impact their ongoing LISK investigation... while also claiming in the same breath that Shannan's death had nothing to do with this unidentified serial killer.

To view the transcript, which I put together along with Jesse Pollack and Jeff Adamec back in 2020, please head to the following link:

You can also download the file at the following Dropbox link:

Thanks to Jesse Pollack for chatting with me for this episode, and for editing it together while I tended to my daughter

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