What to Watch on Netflix: Sir David Attenborough speaks!

What to Watch on Netflix: Sir David Attenborough speaks!

By Netflix

10/10 (Would Recommend)

Friday, 6 March

A Life on our Planet premieres in London in April and is Sir David as you've never seen him before. Reflecting on a career that has spanned over 6 decades, this is an opportunity to revisit some of his most iconic moments and discuss what we can do to ensure future generations have the same opportunities.

Joining David are Colin Butfield from the WWF and Keith Scholey from Silverback Productions who both helped make this incredible programme.

We also got some help with our line of questioning thanks to some very astute schoolchildren - so big thanks to Pirbright Village Primary School and The Winston Churchill School in Woking.

 Other series mentioned in this episode:

The Game ChangersSex EducationAnnihilationBojack HorsemanThe CrownLove is BlindSpenser ConfidentialSpirited AwayShutter Island

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