Bafta Special Pt 2: The Irishman & Marriage Story

Bafta Special Pt 2: The Irishman & Marriage Story

By Netflix

10/10 (Would Recommend)

Friday, 24 January

The second part of our BAFTA special features some incredible Hollywood legends.

After watching the incredible 'Marriage Story' Dotty managed to stem the tears for just long enough to sit down with writer and director Noah Baumbach. They discussed everything from that infamous argument scene to the use of CGI in movies.

As if that wasn't enough, Jamie got the chance to spend some time in the same room as none other than Robert De Niro. In town to talk all things 'The Irishman', Robert was in a reflective mood - discussing working with long time collaborator and friend Martin Scorsese - as well as the infamous 'Irishman table read' of 2012. What a guy.

Then, seeing as it's Friday - Dotty gave her pal Gena a call. Gena actually works at Netflix, so was able to tell us all the great stuff that's landed on today. She's trawled through it all - so you don't have to!

Other shows discussed in this episode:

The Good PlaceThe Chilling Adventures of SabrinaGrace & FrankieCheer

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