190 Rosalind Blessed Will Wait For You

190 Rosalind Blessed Will Wait For You

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 25 May

Joining the Drunk Women for much merriment and mirth is the incredible actor, writer & podcaster, Rosalind Blessed!

In what turns-out to be a very 'second record', we start by hearing from Rosalind about a crime for which she gives us the naked-facts and which also allows her to display a pretty good background in sleuthing - welcome to the force!

The whole gang then looks at a case, which not only inspired one of the greatest stories in literature, but also one could argue (if you're Catie), the plot of Jaws!

We then hear from a listener about a mystery which could win those involved an Oscar - although probably more worthy of a TV Quick Award if properly examined, either way, it's a proper drama!

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