192 DWSC LIVE: With Lucy Pearman

192 DWSC LIVE: With Lucy Pearman

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 8 June

It's another DWSC residency show, where things got raucous and a smashing time was had by all, including this week's hilarious guest, comedian, and Mother Goose, Lucy Pearman! 

Lucy kicks things off with a childhood reverie of past love from afar, which resulted in a very eggy crime, possibly involving Ben Affleck. 

We then hear about a case, which comes in a variety of different parts, and shows the police might need to invest in better torches. 

Finally, as always round things off with an audience member who has a crime to solve - this week, it's a pile of pants. 

Come and see the DWSC LIVE at their final London Residency of 2022 on Friday17th June! 

They are also appearing on a variety of dates around the country, including The Underbelly Festival in London on 21st July and at this year's Edinburgh Fringe. 

For details and tickets, go to - drunkwomensolvingcrime.com

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